Since 1970, Strong Place has been serving the needs of the Boerum Hill/South Brooklyn community, providing an innovative and enriched early childhood curriculum. Having devoted more than 40 years to providing a solid foundation to the children in our care, we are recognized for the quality and excellence of our educational programs. Strong Place has appeared on Sesame Street and, among many other community activities, has participated in the tree-lighting ceremony at Metrotech.

Our Students
Strong Place is a 12-month program. Our student population is culturally and socio-economically diverse. Currently we have two-, three- and four-year-old universal Pre-K classes.

As we like to say at Strong Place, we are educators, not babysitters. Lorraine Pennisi has served as our educational director since 1989. During her tenure, she has developed a curriculum that emphasizes and supports the unique needs and talents of each child. Our group teachers are NYS certified and most of the assistant teachers have bachelors or masters degrees. Our staff is as culturally diverse and multilingual as our student population, speaking such languages as: Spanish, French, Albanian, Hindu, Arabic, Russian and American Sign Language (ASL). Strong Place is very much a family and we remain in touch with many of our alumni, many of whom often bring their children back to Strong Place for their formative education.

At Strong Place we believe that feeding a child’s body is just as important as feeding a child’s mind. Our innovative nutrition program includes providing our students with a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks. Our meals are prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients, which allows us to control the amount of salt and other additives in the food we serve.

The dishes we serve reflect the traditions of the various cultures we serve or study. Breakfast may include: polenta. arroz con leche or pastina. At lunch you may find Salvadoran chicken stew, couscous, stuffed cabbage or pastelon. For a snack, we may serve fresh-made guacamole, hummus or scones. And, when possible, our nutrition program is often linked to our curriculum. At Chinese New Year, for example, we might serve chicken lo mein, sauteed string beans and water chestnuts with ginger/garlic, and lychee fruit for dessert.  All of our meals are served “family style.” The children feed themselves and are encouraged not only to try new foods, but to engage in informal conversation at the table.

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